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Lighting Design

The Admit One team will work with you and your team to educate you on the benefits and installation process for low-voltage lighting. Our experts can assist during the architecture and planning, bid process, product selections, installation and customer training.

Architecture & Planning


During the design phase, the Admit One team will assist with the wiring plan to ensure that the low voltage lighting system has the appropriate amount of power for the task and ensure that the system fits the activity of the room.

Project Bidding and Budgeting

Once bidding starts, we will work with you and the homeowner to define a budget for low voltage lighting and ensure that the lighting plan fits the overall goals and needs of the customer.

Product Selections

Admit One will lead homeowners through the selection process for low voltage lighting. This includes task lighting, low voltage overhead cans, and other LED lighting fixtures which are a part of the plan. Fixture options come in all sizes and colors.

Rough-in and Installation

Our team of trained and certified installers will ensure that the low voltage lighting system is installed according to code and according to the plans specified by the architect and builder. Most importantly, we will ensure that everything is done right the first time.

Customer Training


Finally, we will ensure that the homeowner is fully trained on the programming and use of their new lighting systems. Lighting programs will be personalized for the individual members of the home and the residents will be educated on the use and setup of their new system.

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